steering gear

steering gear
a gear that couples the steering wheel to the steering linkage of a motor vehicle
Hypernyms: ↑gear, ↑gear mechanism
Part Holonyms: ↑steering system, ↑steering mechanism

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: the mechanism by which something is steered: as
a. : the gear train and linkages between the steering control and road-wheel connections of an automobile
b. : any mechanism giving more powerful control over a boat rudder than that given by the simple tiller

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the apparatus or mechanism for steering a ship, automobile, bicycle, airplane, etc.

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steering gear noun
The mechanism that transmits motion from the steering wheel, etc so that a vehicle, aircraft, etc may be steered
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Main Entry:steer

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steering gear,
1. a) the mechanism by which the front wheels of an automobile are turned to right or left. b) the mechanism by which the rudder of a ship is turned to port or starboard.
2. any apparatus for steering »

the steering gear of a bicycle.

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